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Building the Personal BI* revolution!

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A better AND MORE PRODUCTIVE way to Work

Don't compromise on the quality of your data driven insights through limited data or impending deadlines.  Use a platform that removes any technical hurdles and connects you directly with any public or private data sources. No BI* required.

the democratization of data Visualization

AppTop enables non-ICT* specialists or people like you and me to visualize and explore real time data sources from any public, open or private API*.

By the end of 2014 the total number of data sources in the ‘API economy’ will be heading towards 200,000. The AppTop platform will make this rich source of real time data available to anyone without any intervention from a skilled developer.

On any type of device, including the emerging field of wearable tech. The real time datasets are derived from a variety of API driven sources, that can then be streamed and mixed into a single perspective finely honed for a users individual requirements.

Setup is done using a graphical self-service interface, so absolutely no technical skills are needed to connect with or curate the underlying data. Easily accessible workflows enable collaboration or crowd sourcing of the visualisations.


Providing a single consistent perspective or channel. Each channel can then be viewed in a custom visualisation on either a  desktop,  smart  phone  or  tablet  with  the  content  tailored  towards  the  different  device  interaction characteristics.

apptop the vision

Long term goal is to empower the individual while enhancing enterprise productivity: